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The Congregation is organized in 41 Units, one of which is the Province of Europe BFMN. Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is represented in Belgium, France, Magyarorszag (Hungary) and Netherlands, by around 350 apostolic and contemplative Sisters and 320 missions partners. The Sisters live out their mission in five communities in Angers, some in small welcoming communities close to the people. The Congregation also initiated some social organizations: CHRS (Accommodation and Social Rehabilitation Centre) and MECS (Social Housing for Children) in order to provide programmes of support and reintegration to women who suffered violence, to people migrating and young girls in situations of distress and exclusion.


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Bon Pasteur BFMN

3, impasse de Tournemine

49100 Angers

Tel : 02 41 72 12 40


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